Hello; my name is Tanya and I used to blog…

Altogether now… “Hello Tanya!” :)

I haven’t stopped scrapbooking in the time this blog has lain dormant; in fact I’ve been scrapping  up a storm and even ventured into the land of YouTube process videos; but sadly this poor little blog fell by the way side; which is why I have resolved to haul out the feather duster; grab my small step ladder (I’m kind of on the short side) and wipe away the cobwebs. If you’re dust sensitive; you can always come back tomorrow to carry on reading, when it’s all nice and clean again, I won’t mind ;)

I cannot think of a better way to start this blog rolling again than with a layout I made recently using the beautiful HipKits; I’ve been a subscriber to these kits since 2014 and despite exchange rates and horrible shipping conditions (my South African side) I have remained a loyal and vocal advocate for Kimberly and the kits she puts together; they really and truly just get better and better each time :) {and yes full disclaimer; I’ve submitted an application to be on her DT team but that isn’t why I’m yelling from the roof top how much I love these kits (dressed in a bright neon leotard waving huge pompoms*); I’m yelling because it’s the truth :)}

My husband and I, and my two daughters when they can, love to go on safari; and we went to the Kruger National Park in December and all I can say is be prepared to see A LOT of layouts like the one above; because we saw an amazing array of animals from the really big to the teeny tiny and everything in between. It was sublime :)

If you enjoy watching the process; here’s my video:

* I apologise from the bottom of my heart for the visual that created.